Proof That Dental Care Wikipedia Is Exactly What You Are Looking For

It to  yourself and then forward it on to your  client saying I think plan D is the Dental Care Wikipedia best plan for you you should take a look at  that and they would be able to enroll via that link and so then all you have to do to enroll is click on enroll now  you’re going to need a social members social first name we’re just going to do testing middle initial last name testing  date of birth we already had to put that in whether you’re male or female there we go your address your city your state use of  code are already in there you want to put in an email address let’s put Shelley at direct benefits comm if you’re working with a senior  client and they do not have an email you can always and your enrolling them over the phone or in your office you can always put your email in here or no  email at no email com if you put in your email you’ll get the confirmation there’s phone numbers

That is going to ask for so you’ll want to put in your phone number and then here is your  policy history so in order to waive the month waiting period for major or the three-month waiting period on the fillings on Plan C you’ll want to complete this information it’s going to ask you the policy number the prior  carrier your effective date of coverage you’ll want it what we’re looking for is a minimum of months of coverage here and then when your coverage ends it needs to be within three months of the start date of your plan so well let’s  put and then that’s all you have to do is hit continue I didn’t enter a valid security oh there

We go and so then you’ll want to click on reading the information here you have the options to pay annually or monthly if you elect annually the that annual premium will be automatically pulled today if you pay monthly the transaction amount will be pulled today so you we will collect your first premium now and then your future premium payments will be automatically collected on or about the of the month before the month  payment is due so forty that premium that’s due today for whatever month it is so