Dental insurance illinois

Dental insurance illinois

  • Dental insurance illinois be working on is the outer  surface of the teeth it’s very difficult Dental insurance illinois the teeth to do any.
  • Good in there but the dog’s tongue  and saliva bayed the inside surface of the teeth constantly and it’s rare that tartar builds.
  • Up there so you just take you just take that you put a little toothpaste on it and then you just kind  of just kind of rub the .
  • Surfaces of the teeth just like that and that gets it all gets your toothpaste all around it  and actually gauze is a little bit.
  • Abrasive so it does act them a little bit like a brush and then later on you can use the brush now eat now this guy  is pretty.

Good but even so it’s still hard to brush.

  • Just lift his lips up  like that you just do a little spray on that side a little spray on this side now you’ll notice that you know.
  • They happen damn them his tongue goes all around and that distributes the spray  and you know it’s it’s a little pepper.
Dental insurance illinois
Dental insurance illinois
  • Mini flavor and dogs don’t really like that so much but at the same time see he’s perfectly okay and a few seconds after.
  • Doing that so thank you oh and one of the most important  things while you’re teaching your dog to do this you know Remember.

This is a three week long thing the first week what you do .

  • is just spend about seconds with getting your hands in their .
  • Mouths letting them use to you being  around their mouths you know and just put do that just for about no longer than seconds or the.
  • First week the next week you’ll introduce the gauze and the toothpaste and and then if you want to progress to the toothbrush and.
  • See  how that goes don’t do that until the third week but always after every time you do it get some treats and make it a make.
  • It a fun thing he’s a little nervous because the camera is he’s not normally this nervous are you huh it’s a fun thing huh .
  • This bond you want some  treats yeah that’s it for you so make it a real fun time you know be nice to him don’t yell at him and you know if he’s if he’s not very cooperative at first.