Dental Floss Wax Mint Bamboo Charcoal

Dental Floss orthodontics multi-units  orthodontics single units crown bridges as opposed to crowns my denture themselves and my adjustments to dentures and then my favorite is my purse tour native post Dental Floss .


  • I can  show that that’s covered percent instead of percent which is the default for restorative so we did got our offer on lace.
  • Perfect because it  wasn’t covered at the same percentages yep so that’s under list general setup and then service types and.
  • You can add to that list so all and again this goes  down most people have an insurance breakdown form that they call.
  • Insurance companies and they get this list you could have your you know night guards or whatever else you do in your office.
Dental Floss
Dental Floss
  • Specifically and categories for those things and within every category it gives your default percentages and then what every single.
  • Employer would cover somebody as are those service types automatically the  same as the service tapes on the schedule no.
  • So the service types entry socking appointment types completely different the appointment type all that’s for is giving it a color and.
  • Setting a timeline that has nothing else  to do with anything else and you know as a tip I don’t have in my schedule so appointment types.